Tullamore Dew XO – Caribbean Rum Cask Finish

Irish Blended Whiskey


Color: Hot amber.

Aroma: Aromas of vanilla and oak with citrus, mature and delicate spores, cherry tier, banana and tropical mango mixed with buttery caramel malt sweet rooms and spices.

Taste: creamy and soft sensations that highlight the delicious deep tones of caramel and banana with hints of dates and raisins, lemon, pineapple and brown sugar caramelized spicy oak and lots of dried fruit. Its finish is long and lingering sweet bananas and caramel, cool orange with a touch of spices.

Production details: The whiskey is manufactured with a triple distilled mixture including whiskey single malt, single grain and a single pot in the composition. These whiskeys mature in bourbon dishes and ex-ex-sherry. Then ripening in Tønder Caribbean Rome, which was first filled before they contained Demerara-RROM, which obtained a finish.

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Weight 1 kg