Tokaji Furmint Dry Chateau Dereszla 75 CL

Hungarian Dessert Wine

Many inside and outside Tokaj believe that with the Furmint grape you have one of the world’s best grapes for both dry and sweet white wines, or as they call them in Tokaj “Szamorodni” or “Aszu” wines. The “dry” Furmint from Château Dereszla is made from 85% Furmint and 15% Hárslevelu, which is obtained from parcels with primarily volcanic soil. The grapes are usually harvested in September and fermentation takes place at a low temperature in stainless steel tanks. It provides optimal conditions for aroma, freshness and intensity in the wine. The wine matures for a short time in steel tanks, i.e. without the influence of wooden barrels – this to prioritize immediacy and finesse.

The color is light golden and the delicate aromas of citrus and green apples are primarily due to the Furmint grape, while the shades of lime blossom, mirabelle and white peach come from Hárslevelü. On the palate, the wine is very charming, with a sweet fruit character and a good minerality. It shows a healthy crispness at the end with a very delicate grape taste.

It is a wine that is very appetizing and is at its best when young. Served with shellfish, fish, sushi and various salads.

Château Dereszla is located in the middle of the Tokaj district and has by far one of the oldest and most exciting stories in the area. The castle was built by the Hungarian king Zsigmond in the early 15th century, and the cellars were used to receive the wines that the local winegrowers had to pay as taxes. From 1450 to 1845, the castle experienced many changes of ownership, and was, among other things, owned by some of Europe’s most famous noble families. Up until World War II, it was owned by a Jewish merchant, which meant that it was confiscated by the state during the war. Later, during the Hungarian communist regime, it was transformed into a state wine cooperative, where wines from the entire Tokaj district were matured.

When the state opened up to privatization in the 1990s, Château Dereszla was first acquired by CANA, one of France’s largest agricultural cooperatives, but fortunately for the place, the Champagne d’Aulan family fell in love with the property and bought it in 2000. talk about a rescue! A huge restoration work was started. The five separate cellars were linked together and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. However, the castle’s historic cellars have been preserved in their original style and are used for cask aging of wines. The same historic cellars were also added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2004.

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