Nicolas Feuillatte Collection Vintage 2018 Blanc de Blancs Champagne 75 cl.

Chouilly France

Champagne is France’s northernmost wine region. In terms of wine style, this means that the wines from here are never heavy in alcohol, but rather characterized by acidity and minerality. And although still wines are made here, it is naturally the sparkling wine Champagne for which the area is known and famous. The Champagne fields cover an area of 35,000 ha, of which 30,500 are planted. The capitals are Reims, Epernay and the neighboring town of Ay and the grapes for and in Champagne are mainly Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.

Nicolas Feuillatte
Monsieur Nicolas Feuillatte was born into a family that made a living from import businesses, so it was natural to follow that path. But before then he enlisted in the French army and made a brave effort during the Second World War. He returned home unharmed and at the age of 21. At the beginning of the 1950s he emigrated to the United States, initially as a coffee importer. He had a natural talent for business and had made a large circle of friends in the international jet set in New York when a whole new chapter in his life began. The father died and left him a vineyard in Bouleuse in Champagne and the Champagne-loving Nicolas set out to become a Champagne producer himself, the father had only more modestly delivered his grapes to the big champagne houses. Nicolas’ first Champagne was dubbed “Réserve Particulière” in 1978 and, as the name suggests, it was reserved only for friends, which at the time included some of New York’s famous actresses, who became excellent ambassadors for Nicolas Feuillatte.
The wine

Nicolas Feuillatte Chardonnay consists of 100% Chardonnay, and has aged six years in the cellars of Champagne. It is classic “Blancs de Blancs”, golden, glossy and sparkling with an impressive amount of bubbles. Scent of white flowers, sea buckthorn, acacia, lemons and pears. Full-bodied Champagne with fresh and powerful mousse, but soft in the aftertaste with a complex finish of honey and citrus fruit. A very nice Champagne, 5 nice stars in Vinavisen who wrote: “Simply a fantastic Champagne”.

Label & Logo: The label bears a compass, the universal symbol of travel, exploration and experience.

Vinification: Méthode Champenoise, 6 years cellar aging.

Tasting notes: Delicate, glossy and sparklingly beautiful with overwhelming Tasting notes: lots of bubbles. Full-bodied, lively, fresh with notes of sea buckthorn, honey, pears and citrus.

Recommended for: Welcome, Sushi, Seafood, Lean fish, Nordic cuisine, Asian food, Aperitif

2012 International Wine & Spirit Competition 97 Points Gold
2012 International Wine & Spirit Competition Gold
2012 Decanter 97p
2014 Decanter Awards Guild
2017 Mundus Vini Gold

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