Mauro Godello 2020 75 CL

Bodegas Mauro – Castilla y Léon

Excellent white wine from the local Godello grape

Bodegas Mauro produces only one white wine and it is this one! They get the grapes up north in Bierzo, where the Godello grape has formidable growing conditions. The wine is fermented in large 500-litre barrels, and has been left to ferment until it is bottled. It helps to give the wine a creamy texture, which, together with the naturally fresh acidity of the grape variety, creates a sublime balance in the wine.

In the glass you are met by notes of yellow fruit in several versions. Pineapple, peach, apple, lemons and you could go on. It is as ripe and juicy as it is refreshing and mouth-watering. A sublime glass.

When Bodegas Mauro started their Godello project, just 1200 bottles were produced. Today, production has increased slightly, but it is still not of any great magnitude. Regrettable, one can only say, because the Godello grapes from the fields of Bierzo turn into formidable white wine in Mauro’s skilled hands. Here are both ripe peaches, melon, mild herbs and citrus fruit. The wine has been aged in casks, 50% of which were new casks, so a wonderful cask character gives the wine fullness and sweetness. Excellent with all kinds of baked white fish, with new potatoes.

About Bodegas Mauro
Since the beginning in 1980, the Garcia family has invested in high-quality wines from Ribera del Duero and invested every penny earned in turning Bodegas Mauro into an international class winery.

About Mariano Garcia

Mariano Garcia is recognized today as one of the international wine world’s most competent wine producers. In addition to his ownership and strong commitment to Bodegas Aalto, Garcia is the man who in 1980 created Bodegas Mauro, which for several years has been one of the leading producers in Ribera del Duero. However, Mauro differs significantly from other big names in the area by not only producing muscular wines of international class.

The story of Bodegas Mauro

The winery is located near the city of Valladolid approx. 150 km north of Madrid. The eastern border of Ribera is at the town of Quintanilla de Onésimo – hometown of the famous Pingus – and precisely at this town lies a large part of Mauro’s vineyards. Another part of the fields is located near the town of Tudela de Duero, where Bodega Mauros also has its production facilities. There is some confusion about whether Mauro is a Ribera del Duero wine or not. Let it be said immediately: they are not. The vast majority of the bodega’s wines are certainly grown within the borders of Ribera del Duero, but Mauro also uses grapes from vineyards around the town of Tudela.

In principle, it does not mean much for Bodegas Mauro. When the Garcia family reflects on things today, it may have been a huge advantage not to be limited by the strict framework of DO legislation. Often the regulations for growing wine in a given area hinder those who strive to develop their wine. From the beginning, the Garcia family chose to focus on high-quality wines and made sure to reinvest the earnings in the constant further development of the bodega. That is why today they run one of Spain’s most modern wineries.

Bodegas Mauro grows approx. 80 ha fields planted with tinto fino (tempranillo) and syrah. Everything is harvested by hand, and a strict selection of each individual bunch of grapes already takes place in the vineyard. Approximately 15% of the total harvest becomes the top wine Vendimia Seleccionada (VS). It is made from grapes from two of the bodega’s best fields. The grapes from the other fields are included in the signature wine Mauro. Since 1996, in particularly good vintages, the single-field wine Terreus has also been made. It is made from grapes from a 3-hectare vineyard called Cueva Baja, located near Tudela. The vines are more than 100 years old and the harvest yield is extremely poor: Approx. 1.5 kilos per vine. Terreus is recognized as one of the greatest wines in Spain.

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