Linkwood 12 Years 2008 Signatory Vintage 70 CL 46%

Unchill Filtered Limited Single Malt Scotch Whisky

FATE NUMBER (R): 803604 + 803605
Date of distillation: 31/03/2008
Drainage date: 27/05/2021.
Ripe in: Two previous Bourbon Hogsheads

Signatory Vintage is an independent bottlers that were founded in 1988 by Andrew and Brian Symington. The name ‘signatory’ was derived from the original intention to find a person with appropriate status to sign the labels for bottles drawn from a single dish. The first dish that was bottled was a Glenlivet from 1968, which was quickly sold for long before any suitable signature could be found.

The signer currently bottles in three forces: 43%, 46% unclocked (UCF) and Fading. In order to add evidence of authenticity to their fadan power caps, the signator must always include fad numbers, date of distillation, date of bottling and number of bottles produced .Signatory Vintage goal is to offer such a wide range of whiskeys as possible, some of which do not even drain it proprietary distillery. This gives Malt enthusiast the opportunity to try the enormous selection of subtle differences that arise between dishes.

Linkwood Distillery was established in 1821, but first started production in 1824. Owner Peter Brown was the leader of Linkwood Estate and kept wisely its nose clean until the 1823 ACCISE ACT was on the agenda. The distillery was rebuilt in 1874 and was driven as an independent distillery until 1932, where DCL is connected, now Diageo. It has been in production ever since, with regular upgrades that have taken place, especially in 1972, as a new distillery was built against the old buildings. The owners drive both distilleries until 1985, when the original distillery was used as an experimental site. The distiller’s capacity is now about 5.5 million liters a year.

This single malt whiskey was distilled in 2008 at the Linkwood distillery in Speyside. It was placed in two previous Bourbon Hogsheads and left for maturation for 13 years. In 2021, it was tapped on 46% ABV as part of the Signatory Vintage Un-ChillFiltered Collection.

Our taste notes
Nose: Sultana scones, salted butter and carryleness.

Taste: Lemonsorbet, roasted almond flakes, rich oak and some soft spices.

Completion: Buttery butterdej, peaches and nectarines lead to mild spicy spices.

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