Langhe Chardonnay Sermine Ca’ del Baio 2022 75 CL

Piemonte – Italy

It was already between 1985 and 1989 that Ca’ del Baio planted the first rows of Chardonnay in the Treiso area, and they were thus among the first in the area to take an interest in this grape. Barbaresco’s cool climate, a calcareous soil and a western exposure provide perfect conditions for growing Chardonnay in particular. Half of the must is fermented in steel tanks and the other half in French oak barriques. After malolactic fermentation, the wine is matured for 6 months in a European wooden cask.

Chardonnay “Sermine” has a nice, slightly golden colour. The aroma is open and rich with rich, creamy notes on the nose, but quite quickly the wine develops crisper and almost greenish nuances, which make it very inviting. In the taste, you also find a nice balance between the rich, bold nuances and a good minerality and freshness.

The wine will be suitable for white sauces, used with steamed fish, not for violent seafood dishes or with veal or poultry dishes. It will also be nice with freshly peeled prawns, crayfish tails with lime or lemon.

Ca’ del Baio has been owned and run by the Grasso family for 4 generations and since 1880. Today, the family has a distinguished portfolio of fields near the village of Treiso (7 km. from Alba) and in Barbaresco itself – a total of 28 ha. They thus have plots in some of the best fields in the area, including in “Asili”, “Valgrande”, “Marcarini” and “Pora”. Ca’ del Baio has (naturally) primarily planted the fields with Nebbiolo, but they also grow Barbera, Dolcetto, Moscato, Chardonnay and… Riesling!

For the Grasso family, respect for nature has always been a matter of course rather than a formulated philosophy, and for many years no artificial fertilizers or pesticides have been used in the fields. But in 2017, the respect gained substance in a more formulated philosophy, when they joined a new local project in Piedmont, which aims to promote a more sustainable and environmentally friendly wine production. The project is called “The Green Experience” and is an aid and control body where you undertake to respect and comply with a set of rules on 10 points. In addition to promoting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly wine production (including without chemicals), the set of regulations also aims to promote biodiversity, flora protection and the spread of beneficial insects and birds, for example.

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