Cognac Frapin – Extra Grande Champ. 1er Cru 70 cl. 40%

Premium Quality Cognac – Frapin

About the product
Cognac Frapin Extra (Extra Old Quality) comes exclusively from “Grande Champagne” 1st Cru du Cognac. It is composed exclusively of cognac from the family’s “Réserve Ancestrale”, which gathers some of the oldest and best cognacs – some of them are over 100 years old – which have been passed down for several generations. All the cognacs in this Réserve are distilled from selected wines from the best plots on the farm, and matured in oak casks from the Limousin forests, located just over 100 km away. from the farm. The wood has a very low content of tannic acid, and it is, among other things, the stay in these limousine casks that gives this Cognac Extra its exquisite and elegant, rounded taste.

Cognac Extra is considered Frapin’s flagship. Already the color reveals concentration and long maturation in cask, with beautiful shades of copper and mahogany wood. The scent is extremely complex and delicate. Here you will find deep, crisp nuances of pickled apricots, plums and oranges as well as mature “rancio” notes that only develop in older cognacs. Rancio gathers notes of dried flowers, dried fruits, leather and cigar box. The taste offers some of the nuances you also find in the fragrance, but it is especially the long, subtle and delicate notes that win, well wrapped in delicious, fruity and exotic nuances. Cognac Extra has both softness, charm and nerve!

Cognac Extra has, among other things, achieved the following scores:
97/100 on Ultimate Spirits Chal. 2017 (Chairman’s Trophy)
99/100 on Guide Gilbert & Gaillard
Gold at Internationaler Spirituosen
Gold at the International Spirits Challenge
Gold at the World Cognac Awards (Best XO/EXTRA 2021)

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oak barrel