Cocchi Vermouth di Torino Extra Dry 50 CL 17%

Giulio Cocchi Italy

Cocchi, as a vermouth icon without a doubt, released this Extra Dry vermouth for the company’s 130th anniversary. The taste is characterized by 3 things in particular: wormwood from the mountains of Piedmont, a local type of mint, Menta di Pancalieri, and lemon. In fact, all the ingredients come from Piedmont, so you’re not lying when the bottle says Ricetta Piemontese. The heart of the vermouth is of course the wine, made from the local Cortese variety, and coriander seeds and cardamom are also included.

Color: Golden.
Scent: Super-elegant with notes of fresh apple, white flowers and melon.
Tasting notes: The same fruity notes from the fragrance mixed with spicy hints of cardamom, mint and wormwood.

Serving suggestion: Enjoy it in classic cocktails, a martini is out of the question, but also try it in a Bamboo: mixed 1:1 with dry sherry (fino or manzanilla), stirred well and cold with ice and served in a chilled glass with a twist of lemon.

Cocchi was founded by the young confectioner, Giulio Cocchi, in 1891. Since then, the company has made sparkling wine, vermouth and other flavored wines in Piedmont, always with quality at the forefront. The good track record, with 121 years of uninterrupted timber, got Cocchi entered in Italy’s National Register of Historic Companies in 2012. Among other things, the company has helped lift Barolo Chinato out of the mists of oblivion and was one of the driving forces behind vermouth’s renaissance. The current head of Cocchi, Roberto Bava, has also been elected president of the Vermouth di Torino Institute, which brings together a number of producers with the common goal of ensuring the identity and continued survival of Torino vermouth.

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