Caorunn Gin 70 cl. 41,8%

Small Batch Scottish Gin

Caorunn means rowanberry in Gaelic and rowanberry is one of the 5 Scottish ingredients that Caorunn is seasoned with. Simon Buley, who is Caorunn’s innovative Gin Master, saw the opportunity to make a gin of 5 Scottish “botanicals”. All 5 ingredients grow within 2 kilometers of the distillery and Simon himself goes out and picks these unique plants. He knows when and where the best time is to give Caorunn Gin the perfect taste.

Of course, all 5 ingredients play an important role and give Caorunn Gin a completely unique taste. The 5 botanicals are Rowan Berry, Pors, Heather, Dandelion Leaf and Caol Blush Apples. Spices such as juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, orange/lemon peel, cassia bark and other spices are used in combination with the 5 Scottish spices to produce a balanced and well-composed gin.

The production is completely unique as a so-called “Copper Berry Chamber” is used. This ancient device was used in the past to produce oils for, among other things, perfumes. It is a tilted, cylindrical copper pan into which 4 perforated tins are inserted. Each floor is filled with spices that cover the entire cylinder, this means that all the steam has to be forced through all the layers of spices in the pan. Simon Buley is an expert on which floor and which spice should be on to bring out the perfect taste.

Simon Buley’s expertise, the surroundings with the perfect conditions for gin production and carefully selected spices are what created the super premium gin Caorunn Scottish Gin.

Caorunn G&T Perfect Serve

5cl Caorun Gin
Lots of ice
Tonic water
Garnish with thinly sliced red apple slices.
Can be served in both balloon wine glasses and Collins glasses (drinking glasses)

Keep in mind: Ice cools ice, so if you want to avoid the drink getting watered down quickly, don’t skimp on the ice.

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