Ancho Reyes Verde Chili Liqueur 70 CL 40%

Produced & Bottled in Mexico

Ancho Reyes is handcrafted with only the highest quality sun-dried chilies.
When ready, the chilies are collected and sent to our facility to soak for 6 months.
Each bottle of Ancho Reyes liqueur is then hand labeled and bottled, one by one.

Sweet, spicy and herbal: this is how you can describe our chili liqueur.
Ancho Chile Liqueur Verde shines in the glass for its originality and freshness.
Excellent for preparing delicious and vibrant spicy and aromatic cocktails and especially perfect to match with Tequila, Gin and Vodka.

With its rich, smoky and sweet flavor, Ancho Reyes is recommended for cocktail recipes such as the Mexican Mule, Old Fashioned and Daiquiri.
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Our ancho chili has been grown by Mexican farmers in the fertile volcanic soil of Puebla for generations. The chilies grow for nine months in their natural climate before being harvested, creating the rich chili flavor. After harvesting, the land rests for three years before chillies are grown again.

“One by one, each chili is individually hand-selected for quality. For Ancho Reyes Verde, the chilies are harvested earlier while they are green. For Ancho Reyes, the chilies are harvested later when they have ripened and turned red.

For Ancho Reyes Verde, part of the chillies are burnt to take advantage of their fresh, bright and crisp flavour.

For Ancho Reyes Verde, the chili is picked while it is still green in color and then fire-roasted for a few hours.
The chillies are then sliced and pureed to prepare for the 6 month maceration.
Each bottle of Ancho Reyes liqueur is then hand labeled and bottled, one by one.

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