Adriatico Amaretto Grappa Cask Limited Ed. 70 CL 28%

Italian Premium Liqueur

Here we are again, experimenting with aging in different ex-spirit casks.

After the amazing results we had with the CARONI rum aging and HEAVEN HILLS bourbon aging, we wanted to create something unexpected. Something.. vinous?

In Italy they have one of the most ancient wine tradition, and as every land that has a long story and a big production of grape products, they also have spirits that comes from the “vernaccia”, the pomace.

And so, after a 24 months rest in the most comfortable and aromatic home, we finally got the elegant and powerful ADRIATICO AGED IN GRAPPA BONOLLO CASK. The Grappa is the Italian most traditional spirit that comes from the distillation of the scraps and the marc of the wine’s production. Bonollo is one of the most prestigious names in the industry, based in Padova, with a long heritage and a look to the future.

The final result is an incredible and elegant profile, complex but straightforward, aromatic and vinous, mineral with spices and an enveloping vanilla finish.

This new product of the ADRIATICO’s family gives to the gourmands another way to taste and appreciate the real amaretto and all the flavours that perfectly goes along with it, making every time a real experience.

Here’s the tasting guide made by Gennaro Buono, best italian sommelier in 2012:

“At the sight it strikes for its attractiveness, a melted gold mixed with amber that reveals some brick-red nuances that don’t go unnoticed.

It moves sinuously in the glass, slowly, as proof of a nice density that encloses various elements that are there, waiting for the taster, to be all discovered.

An olfactory range incredibly complex, that crosses lands, seasons and experiences, that then bring the aromatics back to its solid Italian origins!

The journey begins with neat caramel notes, perfectly defined, it reminds of torrone, coffee, pralines, toastiness.. then the nose gets charmed by iodate sensations, marine, that shift toward memories of Mediterranean scrub, sage and lavender essence.

I find the same complexity in the mouth, a smooth assault, velvety, that embraces the tongue, it persuades it, the materic feeling is the one of powdered sugar. In this funfair of aromas and flavours there are other guests coming: fruity memories of fig, tonka and marzipan.

The closing is extremely delicate, infinite.. to testimony the incredible power, the balance and the elegance that it can express. The balance puts every element at the right place, even the alcohol notes are fine, subtle, almost abstract.. a mellow but deep sensorial experience, for a product that stays there, in the taster’s mind, like a poetry that has a lot to narrate and that touches every chord of your emotions.”

The production is of 1230 bottles in limited edition.

Because we think that Amaretto is a serious treat.


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