Finlandia Vodka 100 CL

Vodka of Finland

Finlandia Vodka is one of the world’s best-selling vodkas ever. It is Finnish quality in the right way.Finlandia vodka 1.0 liters

Finlandia Vodka is made on the six-row barley grown under the polar circle’s high sun. The grain meets ultra-clean and pristine melt water that is naturally filtered through sand and quartz. These natural Finnish ingredients are the cornerstone of Finlandia’s pure taste. This vodka is 100% nature and taste – and there are no adjustments added.

The first processing of the vodka takes place in northern Finland in the village of Kotskenkorva. Here, the barley is distilled at Column Stills up to 96.5% alcohol. Then the vodka is transported south to Rajamäki, where the alcohol add water from Rajamäki sources. The product is so clean – that it is not necessary to filter the vodka.

Finlandia Classic Vodka was first produced in 1970, and already a year later it was launched in the United States – as the first Scandinavian vodka ever. Today, the vodka is distributed throughout 135 countries, and is an absolute international top seller.

Very neutral fragrance that only carries light hints of sweetness and of spicy. On the tongue it is very clean and ready. The texture is easy and smooth. The grain gives a slight fullness to the vodka, and notes of burnt grain contribute with a light sweetness. The aftermake is long and lightly seasoned. With fine spicy notes of black pepper, which, however, does not dominate. Finlandia Vodka is a benchmark for how a clean and neutral vodka must taste.


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