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Von Oost bitter is an ancient bitter with a very characteristic and powerful taste. The Creator, Simon Levy Van Oosten, was born back in 1799 in the Netherlands. In 1841 he moved himself and thus also production to Hamburg in Germany. Here he changed van to the German von. S.L. von Oost died in the high age of 79 years.

Von Oost Bitter was imported at FAD from Hamburg, Tapped and negotiated by wine and spirits Wholesale company Emanuel Møller & Co., Copenhagen V / Michael Sejersen. On October 9, 1908, Emanuel Møller & Co, together with Vinagenturfirmaet bought Marinus Møller & Co, Copenhagen V / William Beylegaard Herseth and Søren Engel rights to name and production for Denmark by the merchant Eduard Zaun, Hamburg.

The manufacturing in Hamburg ceased during World War II and was never resumed. Denmark is therefore the only country that today fabricates the original von Oost bitter – alone adapted to the taste of time.

Von Oost bitter has a lovely characteristic and powerful taste of cinnamon, nellike, orange and juniper.

Among faithful followers has the longest achieved cult status: once von Oost always bites von Oosten.

Enjoy this bitter as a charitable morning chain or to warm.

The von Oost is served at room temperature.

The vinavis has given von Oost bitter 5 stars and wrote the following about it – “The ancient prescription to this bitter came in 1899 to Denmark, which is the only country in which the drink is manufactured. And it is a really nice and exciting bitter with a powerful ( Of course), rich, quite soft taste with tones of cinnamon and carnations. The oldest taste of camphor is not as prominent. The von Oost is far, far better than the usual old Danish and not so scanty. “

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