Vietti – Moscato d’Asti D.O.C.G. 75 CL

Piemonte – Italy

Vietti’s Moscato d’Asti is made from 100% Moscato Bianco from small plots in Castiglione Tinella with vines of around 40 years. Only the best bunches, which have achieved a bit of overripeness, are used for this wine. Immediately upon arrival in the cellar, the grapes are crushed and pressed quite lightly, with a natural sedimentation of the must, which is allowed to rest for a few days under cool conditions and without the addition of sulphur. The must is then transferred to steel pressure tanks, where the alcoholic fermentation starts and the natural content of CO2 is captured in the wine. When the alcohol percentage reaches 5%, the temperature is lowered to stop the fermentation. The wine is then stored in closed steel tanks until bottling. In order to preserve the character and freshness of the grape, the malolactic fermentation is omitted.

The wine is first and foremost an incredibly harmonious and charming, lightly sparkling white wine. In both scent and taste you will find sweet, fresh aromas of peaches, wild roses and ginger. It ends with a good bite and a delicate texture that makes it very appetizing. Perfect as an aperitif, for Asian-inspired seafood dishes, or with, for example, a fruit tart or a fruit sorbet. Try it also for a blue cheese.

The Vietti winery is located in the district of Langhe in Piedmont – more precisely by the village of Castiglione Falletto, which is particularly known for its Barolo wines. The winery was founded at the end of the 19th century by Carlo Vietti and thanks to the following generations, several vineyards have since been acquired – including some of the most highly regarded “Cru’s” in Barolo.

The 1960s became a decisive era for the company, when Luciana Vietti married the famous winemaker and art connoisseur, Alfredo Currado, who was the first to produce single-vineyard wines (from, among others, the cru vineyard Rocche di Castiglione), making him to an important trendsetter in Barolo. Son Luca Currado and his wife, Elena, then took over the company and continued Alfredo’s life’s work with the same enthusiasm and striving to produce top-class wines. In 2016, however, Vietti was sold to the Krause family, who run a chain of convenience stores in the United States and who love Barolo. However, it has been agreed that both Luca Currado and brother-in-law Mario Cordero will continue to run the company unchanged, so that they can continue and further develop the Vietti family’s life’s work.

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