Underberg Bitter 3×2 CL (3-pak)

The Natural Herbal Digestive

The famous underberg 3-pack
UPBERG is a world-renowned German herbrebitter, which has been manufactured by the Underberg family since the year 1846. The manufacture of UPberg is a well-preserved secret, which only some members of the Underberg family and two Catholic priests know about. Today, the 5th generation of the family continuing the proud traditions.

Underberg bitter is composed of no less than 43 different herbs from the entire world. UPBERG only contains water, alcohol and herbal extracts and stored for several months in the fade of Slovenian oak. It is a distinct digestif, which means that it is digestive.

In the scent, herbs, spices and a hint of “Christmas”. The herbs are again in the taste, which unfolds with a slightly sweet note. It has a harmonious and rich taste of herbs.

Enjoy underberg after a good meal or in traditional bitters situations, for example with a beer.

You get here 3 pieces of the iconic, small bottle of paper around in a small package.

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