The Famous Grouse Original – 5 CL

Blended Scotch Whisky

The entire Scotland’s favoriteWhisky is a blended whiskey, created in a combination of the finest single malts – including The Macallan and Highland Park – and exceptional Kornwhisky. Together, it gives the most soft and rounded whiskey, you can imagine. The Famous Grouse is easy to know on its rich and luminous golden expression and its well-balanced taste with citrus fruit notes, giving a markedly long and clean finish.

The Famous and Ginger

1. Take a clean, high glass

2. Fill with fresh, solid acts

3. Press an orange and place it in Glassetsqueeze in a Wedge of Orange and Drop Into The Glass

4. Add 25ml by The Famous Grouse

5. Top up with Ginger Ale, pipe around and server

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