Springbank 30 Years 2023 70 CL 46%

Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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A much-anticipated release from Springbank: the first 30-year-old whiskey from the small Campbeltown distillery in time immemorial. This extremely rare bottling exists in only 1,400 bottles worldwide. The whiskey is aged in bourbon and sherry casks and bottled at Springbank’s classic 46% alcohol.

Colour: Amber.
Aroma: Characteristic Springbank “nose” with tropical fruit (pineapple), very faint smoke, peach and vanilla.
Tasting notes: Sweet and citrusy, with hints of coconut, lemon peel and distant peat smoke.

Serving suggestion: Should be enjoyed neat.

At Springbank, 3 distinct types of whiskey are produced, which differ on a number of parameters. The classic Springbank has a light peat smoke. The smoke level is indicated (somewhat imprecisely) with a measurement of phenol in the finished malted barley and is approximately 10-15 “parts per million” (the malt is dried for 6 hours with peat smoke and 30 hours with hot air). Springbank is also distilled 2.5 times. “Longrow” – a strongly smoked variant was first made in 1973. Here the smoke is up to 50-55 ppm, the malt is dried for 48 hours with peat smoke, and it is distilled twice. The newest variant, Hazelburn, saw the light of day in 1997 when, for the first time, they tried completely unsmoked and triple-distilled whiskey. Of the approximately 175,000 liters the small Campbeltown distillery produces per year, 80% is Springbank, approximately 10% Longrow and 10% Hazelburn.

Regardless of which variant you’re after, Springbank is worth getting to know. It is the favorite distillery of many whiskey geeks and for good reason! As the only distillery in Scotland, they malt all the barley they need themselves. Color is never added and the whiskey is not chill-filtered.

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