Snaps Bornholm No.5 – Vanilje 50 CL 40%

The Aztecs and Mayans mixed it into their cocoa drink many hundreds of years ago in Central America. Today we mix vanilla into schnapps on Bornholm. We got our hands on some lovely whole vanilla pods, which we split lengthwise and lower into a wonderful snap. After gentle filtering, it gives a delightfully complex but drinkable schnapps

Behind Snaps Bornholm are three friends – Simon Lorentzo Jensen, John Oxlade and Jesper Kleine Rasmussen. Over several years, they have privately made their own chili schnapps, which has been very popular among friends. In 2015, the idea of putting the schnapps into production arose, and the search for a producing partner began. That led them to Bornholm and to De Bornholmske Spritfabrikker in Nexø. The meeting with Bornholm and the owner Niels Frost Jensen and his wife Erna made it clear that they had found the perfect business partner. Niels shares their great passion for schnapps, and it didn’t take long for them to agree to play and experiment with natural, organic ingredients to arrive at a Bornholm schnapps of the finest quality. A schnapps brewed on proud traditions with a modern twist that piques curiosity and provokes the senses.

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