Smirnoff Vodka 5 CL 37,5%

French Plain Vodka

Smirnoff was created in 1864 and is the world’s best-selling Premium Vodka. It is a brand with a history of innovation that includes the development of column filtration that creates a spirit of unparalleled purity.

Smirnoff No.21 (Red Label) Vodka is the canvas to create brilliant drinks. Triple distilled from a mixture of different grains and filtered ten times through seven columns of environmentally sustainable charcoal. Smirnoff No.21 has a clear crispy taste and a cool finish. Smirnoff no.21 clean taste makes it extremely versatile and easy to serve to parties or with just a few friends. It is a perfect base for classic vodka serves such as vodka lime and soft drinks or a vodka tonic as well as vodka cocktails from Cosmopolitan to Moscow Mule and of course the famous Vodka Martini. Smirnoff No.21 also plays a large bourolle in classic cocktails or mixed drinks as a back-up to Archer’s Peach Snaps in Woo Woo along with a slope of cranberry juice. Or it is beautiful along with Bailey Irish Cream Liqueur and a coffee directory as a white Russian.

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