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Silent Pool Gin is Silent Pool Distillers’ signature product and manufactured by their Master Distiller Cory Mason. Silent Pool Gin is made on 24 different botanicals in the copper pot still Arnold Holstein. Botanicals such as shelf flower, chamomile, pears, honey, quanrod, orange, lime, card mood, kassia sheet, coriander, Java pepper, paradiskorn, juniper, liquorice root, rose leaves and lavender are in the distillation of the world’s best gin.

This pure gin has clear notes of juniper, lavender and chamomile as well as fresh notes of lemon, lime and sweetness from local honey. A traditional and refreshing, lightly spicy gin with a long aftertaste.

Silent pool gin is a classic, rounded gin. It has freshness, depth, clarity and surpasses all other variants.

Silent Pool Gin is named after the lake of the same name, located on Albury Estate in Surry Hills. The myth of the lake is about the beautiful young daughter who bathed in the lake naked. She is discovered by a prince that instantly falls in love with her. The prince scares accidentally the poor girl, and she swims further away from the bay and drowns. It is said that her scream can be heard every night at midnight.

Silent pool was founded by a group of friends who went together to create a new kind of distillery that produces handmade spirits of uncompromising quality. Likewise, the distillery has a mission to make spirits that reflect the area’s romantic, but dramatic legends, with local flavors.

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