Ramoro Pinot Grigio (BIO) 75 CL

Cantina Orsogna – Abruzzo Italy

In wine, you usually know the colors red, white and rosé, but recently “orange wines” have also entered the market. These are wines made from green grape varieties, which are normally used for white wines. Where the crushed grapes are usually pressed before the must is fermented for an ordinary white wine, the skins and seeds are left in the fermentation for an “orange wine”.

The often slightly longer maceration gives, among other things, greater color extract from the skins, which may be slightly colored or dotted, thus giving the wine an orange tinge. The color scale can vary from light-orange to red or brown-orange. The contact with the solid parts from the grapes also gives greater body, tannin content and some flavor nuances, which are often reminiscent of red wines. Gastronomically, it offers other combination possibilities.

Ramoro is vinified as natural wine and orange wine. It is composed of 85% Pinot Grigio and 15% other local grape varieties, which are obtained from biodynamically cultivated, high-altitude vineyards (450-500 m.a.s.l.) in Terre di Chieti. The relatively cool growing conditions result in a longer maturation process, which means very aromatic and crisp wines. After a gentle mashing of the grapes, the fermentation takes place coolly (12-14°C for approx. 30 days) in steel tanks, with the skins and exclusively with the grapes’ own yeast cells. The wine is then matured with its “scum” (sediment) in steel tanks for 3 months. After bottling, the wine matures for a further 2 months before being released.

Ramoro Pinot Grigio has a nice copper-red color (classic for orange wines), which is due to the long stay with Pinot Grigio’s red-dotted skin. The scent is very aromatic and intense with nuances of wild flowers, yellow plums, mirabelles and a bit of peach. Bold, ethereal notes emerge at the end. In the taste, you find a good harmony between freshness and fruit sweetness, and a mixture of exotic fruit tones and nuances of herbs. It finishes dry and a bit spicy. Suitable for shellfish and fish as well as for dishes with white meat or vegetables.

Cantina Orsogna takes its name from the municipality of Orsogna, located in the province of Chieti in Abruzzo. With only 15 km to the Adriatic Sea on one side and 20 km to the Apennine mountain range on the other, a rare example is created of how production systems are integrated with a unique nature and create quality of life. One of Europe’s best-preserved nature parks works in perfect harmony with quality agriculture.

Cantina Orsogna is undoubtedly one of the most important producers of organic wine in Italy, and is possibly the largest holder of biodynamically cultivated vineyards. The cooperative was established by local farmers in 1964, and today has more than 1,100 hectares, of which at least 80% is organically cultivated. This creates fertile ground for making organic wine at a high level from many shelves – from entry level to single fields. The wines are created with intensity, character and personality. At Orsogna, the red wine grapes Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (50%), Trebbiano and Sangiovese are grown, as well as the local white grapes Pecorino and Cocociola.

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