Mr. Jekyll Absinth 70 CL 55%

German Absinthe

Mr. Jekyll Absinthe is for you if you like the taste of sweet aniseed and are looking for an absinthe that has great value. The name Jekyll should be familiar to you, as he is mentioned in one of the most famous short stories of his time, Dr. Find Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Of course, it should actually be Dr. It’s called Jekyll Absinthe, but we don’t want to be a nitpicker, as this greenish-yellow drink is such a delicious variety that’s particularly convincing with its mildness.

In this absinthe notes of wormwood meet herbal and sweet nuances

You have to be aware that you have to be careful here as Mr. Jekyll comes with a lot of power, i.e. a whopping 55% alcohol volume. You can still be happy, because thanks to its harmonious aroma composition, it tastes delightfully mild. Distinct notes of wormwood meet gentle anise qualities and sweetness, which also make Mr. Jekyll for a wonderful mix talent.

Germany is more than white wine and beer. With this version of a bottle of absinthe, Germany presents you with a lighter version of a spirit that can be extremely powerful. Mr. Jekyll Absinthe contains just 55% alcohol and is a good place to start if you are just a novice absinthe connoisseur.

Despite the – for absinthe – low alcohol percentage, you still get bang for your buck. With a rich flavor of anise and other spices, this is an absinthe that goes well with ice cold water or a few ice cubes. The taste will delight you, and if you want to start somewhere else, you can also use Mr. Jekyll Absinthe as an additional ingredient to other cocktails.

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