Mac Y’s Julekalender Rum 2023 24×2 CL 43,04%

Premium Rum Giftpack-Calender

The rum calendar that you read about here contains 24 rums and spirits drinks based on rums from different countries.
The calendar itself tells the story of the four Mac Calendar siblings. One of them, Luna moved to the Caribbean, where she built a hacienda, started growing sugar cane and ended up as one of the major rum producers. We are allowed to enter Luna’s very own rum paradise, where she likes to share a glass of rum with us in the dark month of December.
Under the lid of the calendar, Luna has shown how she makes her rum. In the online calendar you will find even more information from Luna about the production of rum.
At the bottom of the calendar you will find an alphabetical table of contents and the link to an online calendar where the doors are opened daily, one at a time. There you can read about and see the product in the bottle.
Luna Mac Calendar
Abuelo 12 years Anejo Gran Reserva – Panama
Abuelo 7 years Anejo Reserva Superior – Panama
Abuelo Centuria ‘Reserva de la Familia’ Solera 30 years
Abuelo XII Anos “Two Oaks”
Abuelo XV Finish Collection Napoleon
Doorly’s Fine Old 8 YO Barbados Rum
Doorly’s Fine Old Rum 12 YO Barbados
Dos Maderas Caribbean Seleccion Triple Aged Rum
Dos Maderas Caribbean Triple Aged 5+5 years
Dos Maderas Luxus – Barbados-Guyana blended rum 10+5 years
Opthimus Dominicano 15 years – Dominican Republi
Opthimus Malt Whiskey Finish 25 years – Dominican Republic
Presidente El Gran del Caribe 19 Year Solera
Pusser’s British Navy Rum Black Label Gunpowder Proof 54.5%
Pusser’s Select Aged 151 Navy Strength 75.5%
RL Seales Barbados rum 10 years 46%
Ron Millonario Solera 15 years Reserva Especial from Peru
Ron Millonario XO Solera Reserva Espicial from Peru
Rum Nation – Barbados 8 years
Rum Nation – Demerara Solera N.14
Rum Nation – Guatemala XO 20th Anniversary
Rum Nation – Panama 18 years Decanter
St. Etienne Martinique Rhum Trés Vieux VSOP
St. Etienne Martinique Rhum Vieux XO

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