Hampden Estate – The 8 Marks Collection 8×20 cl. 60%

Pure Single Jamaica Rum

Esters are an organic hydrocarbon compound formed when carboxylic acids react with alcohol. Many esters are extremely fragrant and in many cases are the same as flavorings. The flavors in many of our fruits, for example, derive to a large extent from precisely the esters that occur naturally in the fruit.

Esters are formed during both fermentation and distillation and are a major contributor to the flavors that develop in spirits. The formation of esters can be controlled to a small extent, especially not if, as Hampden does, you use wild fermentation, pot stills made of copper and dunder, i.e. a form of acidic moss, which you store in earth caves and add to the moss, such as a sourdough yeast.

At Hampden Distillery and in Jamaica, the ester content is noted with various markings, so-called Distillery Marks, which are registered centrally by the Jamaica Spirit Pool, which is an almost century-old cooperative organization. The label covers all distilleries and is based on measuring the ester content and is indicated in grams of esters per 100 liters of pure alcohol (gr/HLPA).

The very purpose of Distillery Marks is that the master blender at the distilleries knows which barrels he or she must use when the finished rum is mixed. Hampden Estate uses eight different labels, each Distillery Mark having its own designation – OWH, LFCH, LROK, HLCF, <>H, HGML, C<>H and DOK.

OWH has the lowest ester content, 40-80 gr/HLPA and DOK has the highest, 1500-1600 gr/HLPA.

Hampden makes perhaps the most ester heavy rum in the world. Fermentation takes place in open vats in a very slow process that can last for weeks, then the wort is allowed to rest in open vats to further accelerate ester formation during malolactic fermentation. Finally, the classic copper stills and pot still distillation also play a significant role in the formation of esters.

Now Hampden Estate has collected its various “Distillery Marks” in a box of 8 x 20 cl. It’s an extremely exciting way to learn more about Jamaican rum and its fascinating flavors. Undeniably a fun rum tasting to experience.

OWH Outram W. Hussey
LFCH Lawrence Francis Close Hussey
LROK Light Room Over Kelly
HLCF Hampden Light Continental Flavored
<> H Hampden
HGML Hampden George MacFarquhar Lawson
C<>H Continental Hampden
DOC Dermot Owen Kelly-Lawson

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