Espero – Cocoa & Rum 70 CL 40%

Cocoa Rum-Based Liqueur

Ron Espero Cocoa & Rum is made from a 7-year-old Dominican rum infused with cocoa flavor that gives a fantastic rum liqueur. The cocoa is extracted from a macerate of the Criollo bean, which only makes up 3-5% of the global harvest of cocoa beans. The rum with cocoa flavors is bottled in small batches. The result is a liqueur based on matured rum with excellent cocoa notes.

Want exotic pleasure? Then the brand Ron Espero Rum from the Caribbean is ideal. We owe that to the company Albert Michler Distillery, based in England, which acts as an independent bottler. Fine Dominican rum is the center of attention. In addition to the regular rum from the Dominican Republic, the company offers one or two rum-based spiced spirits. Strictly speaking, you can even talk about rum liqueur in delicious flavors. The new flavors include Ron Espero Creole Cocoa & Rum, which combines two types of enjoyment.

The interesting Espero Creole Cocoa & Rum does not hide its recipe for success. Here, high-quality Caribbean rum meets an equally high-quality natural ingredient. The fine cocoa beans of the Criollo variety are processed with great attention to detail in an aroma-preserving way and flavor the spirit. The characteristic of the Criollo cocoa variety is that it is particularly rich in flavor and therefore valuable and rare. A softer, less bitter taste characterizes them and makes them e.g. ideal. B. also for use in some of the best chocolate and confectionery in the world. Only about 3 to 5% of cocoa beans processed worldwide are this luxurious variety of rarity and correspondingly high price. No wonder Espero Creole Cocoa & Rum sets high standards. It goes a step further than many commercially available classics.
Product information about Espero Creole Cocoa & Rum:

In terms of aroma and taste, Espero Creole Cocoa & Rum should not be underestimated. It’s one of those delights you can enjoy on its own, preferably at a cool temperature. The cocoa liqueur based on rum is not a bad idea for mixing drinks. The rich Espero Creole Cocoa & Rum delights the nose and palate with a chocolatey, slightly bittersweet note. In addition, you notice fruity and spicy overtones.

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