Daniel Bouju Empereur XO Cognac 70 cl. 40%

Premier Cru de Cognac – France

Shades of nutmeg, cloves, ginger, vanilla and plums, which are beautifully united and harmoniously lingering in the beautiful long aftertaste.

Double barrel-aged beauty of a cognac.

Aged in new Limousin oak casks – first new casks and then older casks.


About Daniel Bouju
Daniel Bouju is strong proof that small is good – with him, mass production and industrial production are banned. Here, it’s the details that count: The cognac is distilled in a 16.5 hl. still and aged in brand new small Limousin casks, whereby it takes on its character through several years of natural development in casks and not with the help of artificial additives such as caramel or sugar. Precisely using only new Limousin casks is unique to Daniel Boiju, but there is probably no doubt that these are the best trees for cask aging in France. It takes about 100 years before they are good at building dishes from, but then they also deliver.

Daniel Bouju’s general characteristic is a dark, subtle and characterful taste, which in the VSOP quality is round and full-bodied with developed tannins and a long aftertaste with fruity, spicy nuances. The difference in the various cognacs lies in the aging, which is between 5 and 80 years, depending on the individual product type. In addition, Daniel Bouju also produces the area’s well-known specialty, Pineau des Charentes.

The original recipe for Daniel Bouju’s cognac was made in 1804, and it is still the one that forms the basis of production today. No hocus pocus. But of course a small secret in the production. If you want strong, dark and heavy cognac, the raw material must be sour grapes harvested early, and as previously mentioned: No added caramel, only the true color from barrel ageing. And Bouju’s cognacs aren’t even expensive – quite the opposite!

You only tap when you order. Therefore, there is not a large stock of bottles at Daniel Bouju. They are all stored in casks, so that each cognac is allowed to age as long as possible on wood, where it still develops. Everything in the distillery is done with the help of the nose. There is no high-tech here, and you don’t sell your cognac to big houses such as Hennessy. You distribute everything yourself.

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