Crema Melone Vesuvi (Melon Cream) 70 CL 17%

Premium Italian Cream Liqueur

Experience the home of the DistilNatura family at our online store. Enjoy their delicious Italian liqueurs.

Presentation of the distillery:
The DistilNatura distillery is the culmination of almost a century old values and traditions: To achieve the highest quality while preserving the organoleptic properties of the fruits used, this is the motto of the DistilNatura distillery. It is located in Somma Vesuviana, in the heart of Vesuvius National Park at an altitude of more than 150m. DistilNatura has produced a large number of liqueurs for four generations.

Vesuvi’ Melon Cream is produced according to our family’s age-old recipe and then creates a perfect balance between innovation and tradition.

The quality of this liqueur is achieved through the handmade production and the use of high quality raw materials. It is produced through the union of the delicate milk and the taste of cantaloupe melon. Its velvety taste is perfect for a “sweet” break!
This liqueur is fresh, much appreciated by women for its scent reminiscent of summer.

It is perfect if served with an ice cream, with a fruit salad, with a cake. It can be drunk at any moment of your day and, if served chilled, is perfect for a long drink or as a digestive aid. Serve it in small, strained glasses to enhance its fragrance.


melon rinds,
natural color,

These liqueurs are produced as naturally as possible, the fruits are all from the region and harvested by hand, very little addition of dyes, as much to continue as possible to offer an extraordinary taste, and as naturally as possible. grain and molasses, is distinguished by its fine neutral taste.

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