Bornholmer Giftbox 3×4 CL 40%

Den Bornholmske Spritfabrik

Gift box with 4 cl. Bornholmer Akvavit, 4 cl. Bornholmer Bitter and 4 cl. Bornholmer Tradition aquavit.

Bornholmer Akvavit is a clean and clear akvavit that, with its discreet hint of cumin and dill crown, has an excellent soft and round taste, as well as a pleasant spicy aftertaste. These balanced flavors make it a perfect companion for the good cold table, as it will never be too dominant.

This bitter is very characterful with a pleasant round taste and aroma, where, among other things, rowan berries and cinnamon can be faintly detected. The aftertaste is very mildly bitter with a touch of light sweetness. Bornholmer Bitter, with its fine balance, taste and character, is a bitter in an absolutely special class that clearly hits the “broad” taste.
In the period from 1855 to 1920, there was a steam distillery in Hasle, where, among other things, renowned Akvavits were produced.
The production was characterized by craftsmanship and good raw materials – and this still applies today, which can be tasted in every drop.
With the establishment of Den Bornholmske Spritfabrik in 1994, the production of akvavit resumed on Bornholm. »Bornholmer Akvavit« has since then been produced on the island after having been produced in various places for the past 70 years.

This golden luxury aquavit of 42% has a full, soft and pleasant taste. The beautiful “curtains” on the glass reveal that this is a full-bodied aquavit. Bornholmer 1855 Traditions Akvavit should be served at 5-8 degrees for lunch.

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