G4 Añejo Tequila

Premium 100% Agave Tradition

G4 Añejo is a stored Tequila made of 100% organically grown agave. It is distilled in copper pot stills on El Pandillo close to Arandas, where the blue agave for the tequila is grown. After the distillation, G4 is watered to 40% alcohol with a mixture of rainwater and spring water before it stored on used bourbon dishes for at least 18 months. It is obviously tapped without additives such as caramel color.

Color: Light golden.
Fragrance: Delicious, herbal scent with resin noses and vanilla.
Taste notes: In the taste there is a distinct sweetness, mint chocolate and green herbs.

Serving suggestions: should be enjoyed clean.

G4 Tequila is made on the distillery El Pandillo, about 15 minutes drive southeast from Arandas in the State Jalisco. El Pandillo is built by Felipe Camarena and stands out from most other tequilestilleries in several ways, but one of the most important is the many initiatives that have the environment and sustainability in focus. For example, Felipe planted citrus, cinnamon and fig trees to attract birds and bats that must pollinate the surrounding agave fields, and residues from the distillation are made for fertilizer. Felipe get help with the production of its two sons, Luis and Allan, who is the 4th generation of Tequileros in the Camarena family; and hence the name “G4”.

The agaven is harvested when it is mature and only when it is mature, typically after at least 7 years. To convert the agaven’s inulin to sugar, which is easier to get to raise, the agave chains are baked in custom built ovens. The tequila is distilled to about 55-60% alcohol, but before the bottling is watered down to 40% with a 50/50 mixture of rainwater and spring water.

The G4 series also found fadred tequilas that spend 6 months or more on US bourbon dishes. The fades are closely monitored during storage to ensure that the oak tree does not “take over” the tequila – the dish must compliment the agavesmag without exaggerating it.


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