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Solera Superior Brandy – Spain

Torres 30 YO Brandy Jaime I

Torres 30 YO Brandy Jaime I comes from up to 30 year old Solera Rums and is refined with a first class 1972 Eaux de vie from Folle Blanche.

Already in the nose, Torres 30 YO Jaime I presents itself extremely complex. Powerful notes of oak and dried fruit meet nutty notes of coconut and almond in this brandy.


The finish is also convincing. Very long and beautifully intense, it comes together and seduces with sweet accents of vanilla and oak.


By the way: This noble brandy is a tribute to the company’s founder Jaime Torres Vendrell? The high quality and unusual shape (designed by the well-known architect Tanaka) would certainly have inspired him. The form is inspired by a work of the famous artist Gaudi, the house in Barcelona, “La Pedrera”.

Torres 30 Jaime I. Spanish Brandy offers an incredible blend of some of their old lagers, including some made using Parellada grapes (which they use in Torres 10) that have been aged further for occasions like this. It also includes spirits made with Folle Blanche grapes and distilled in 1972. Very beautifully presented, of course.


• Gold Medal | International Spirits Challenge 2017
• Gold Medal | International Wine & Spirit Competition 2017
• Gold Medal | International Spirits Competition 2017
• Gold Medal | Spirits Selection 2017
• Double Gold Medal | San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016
• Best Brandy Solera | World Brandy Awards 2016
• World Best Brandy | World Brandy Awards 2015
• Gold Medal | International Wine & Spirit Competition 2015
• Gold Medal | International Spirits Competition 2015
• Double Gold Medal | San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015


In the 14th century, Arnau de Vilanova, a Catalan physician, developed the first “Aqua Vitae”, a wine distillate for medicinal purposes. The word “brandy” is of Dutch origin and means “burnt wine”. In the 16th century, Dutch merchants distilled wine in stills and stored it in oak casks for transport.
In 1928, Juan Torres Casals, the second generation of the Torres family, continued the legacy of Arnau de Vilanova. Juan Torres Casals started making aged brandy from the best white wines from Penedès (Barcelona). As part of the process, he distilled the wine and placed it in oak barrels. Juan Torre’s work was recognized and his brandy became synonymous with quality.
The Torres family have been wine producers since 1870 and combine tradition and innovation to produce prestigious wines and brandies. They always work with the greatest respect for the earth and the environment and have won several international awards.

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