The Rum Factory – Panama Elixir Rum-Liqueur 70 CL 34%

Panama Premium Aged Rum-Liqueur

Straw yellow liqueur with a relatively elegant, sweet aroma of vanilla, banana and creme brulee. Creamy, almost creamy in the mouth with hints of caramel and dried fruit. The pleasant elements continue in the aftertaste, where fruity elements appear together with a touch of icing sugar.

Aged in American oak barrels for up to seven years. After storage, additional sugar and dried fruit are added.

About The Rum Factory
The Rum Factory is an independent bottler whose aim is to show the world a wide range of specialties within the great world of rum. As is often the case in the world of whisky, it is an ambition to bring an individual and creative style to each and every bottle. For The Rum Factory, the goal is not just classic distillery bottlings. The Rum Factory collaborates with the Czech Albert Michler Distillery to create unique blends and cask aging. The future of The Rum Factory will in the future focus on ‘continental storage’ of rum, where the idea is to play with the four seasons, a lower ‘Angel’s Share’ and greater climatic differences than found in the tropics.

The different cask types open up several possibilities: They can round off a classic style within rum or reinterpret the different rum areas. The code words are new thinking, where you are not bound by history and by being tied to a single distillery. Each dish and each region has its own characteristics. The Master Blender at The Rum Factory sources different rums from the distilleries and blends young rums with matured rums to give structure, some roundness and a spicy touch to each rum. Different types of barrels are used, with both age and type of wood varying. The goal is always a unique rum with a very diverse spectrum of flavors and aromas.

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