Silvio Carta Gillo Gin 100 CL 38%

Quality Italian Dry Gin

The clear gin has a completely classic, distinct, aromatic note of Sardinian botanicals. On the tongue you get a completely soft gin experience with a classic, spicy taste and aftertaste of the Enebar’s slightly balsamic touch with a salt touch from the nearby sea.

Silvio Carta makes fascinating gin and liqueurs on the Italian island of Sardinia. Silvio originally started to make white wine on the Vernaccia grape in the early 1950s. But it is their spirits and liqueurs who caught our attention! The same applies to the rest of the world, and Silvio’s gin is also very hot received by the famous Italian vine, Gambero Rosso. Silvio, who started the company, today operates production with the son Elio. They unite remarkably the traditions in the area of ​​renewal and innovation. A quality not everyone can create and balance. Silvio Carta is more than gin and liqueur; It is also about culture and tradition. The house is based on the local and uses ingredients that are quite special for the island, in their production of amazing spirits. The products therefore reflect a very special place. They make eg. Their different gin on the local juniper that grows in the area. Further, Silvio Carta uses local spices and plants such as Myrte, Sage and Lentischio for both their liqueurs and various gin. Ingredients we may not have heard of before, but which adds a very special character to the spirits. These are unique to the area and grow in the maritime climate along the blue Sardinian coast. The mature berries from the mythplant are also traditionally used to make the local liqueur, Mirto.

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