Safari 70 cl. 20%

Exotic Fruit Flavored Liqueur

Safari Exotic Fruit Flavored Liqueur is a liqueur made by various tropical fruits that give an exotic flavors in a unique harmony. It is excellent as a base for cocktails or mixed drinks, but can also be enjoyed wonderfully clean.

An exotic flavors

Mango, Papaya, Passion Fruit and various citrus fruits are found in Safari Exotic Fruit Flavoured liqueur. It is a holding to mix them harmoniously and present them wonderfully balanced. But this particular is achieved with the exotic liqueur produced in the Netherlands. Already in the scent, it shows its various fruity notes that are present, but always perfectly balanced. The sweetness of the South Sea is, for example, in perfect harmony with syr-tart citrus notes. The exotic impression continues in the palate. Safari Exotic Fruit Flavored liqueur is mild, soft and creamy with 20% vol – especially mango and orange impresses with their harmonious and balanced conditions. The finish is long, sweet and full of fruitaromas.

The light orange tone in the creamy drop gives an aesthetic taste of its fertility. The elegant design of the bottle also looks good and is also an ideal gift idea.

Thanks to her gentleness there are no limits for creativity when serving exotic fruit flavor with liqueur. Already clean fruit clue is a fruity experience. In addition, it can be used wonderful for a wide range of drinks. Be creative and server liqueur, for example for guests at a cozy togetherness or as aperitif within a shared dinner.

The perfect ingredient for creative drinks
As part of long drinks or cocktails, the exotic and exciting fruit clue is ideal. It can be enjoyed with various spirits, but is also tasty and exciting when combined with soft drinks. If you want to weaken the sweet little, you can add a little vodka. Combined with sparkling wine, this results in an excellent aperitif and along with orange juice an excellent long drink – an extremely versatile liqueur for almost all apartments.

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