Ron Zacapa Heavenly Cask Collection – El Alma 70 CL 40%

Sistema Solera – Guatemala Premium Aged Rum

Beautiful, deep mahogany colored Rome with golden glow. The nose is stated with the impression of the dish, walnuts, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and maple. All in all, an aroma that promises a lot – and as the taste meets. Here you get toasted walnuts, apricot, cinnamon and sweet vanilla, caramel and several complex impressions of the dish.

Ron Zacapa El Alma is part of the world class distillery Heavenly Cask Collection. Each Rome in the series is a tribute to one of the cask types that have been used for the legandarian Zacapa 23. It is done by storing even longer on the dishes and emphasizing the taste and aromas, the fade contributes. El Alma is the second of four limited editions and is a blend of 6-24 years of Rome stored on burned, used American whiskey dishes. The fades exposed to flames that reach deeply in the woodwork and release even more of the aromas deep in it. It gives the room a beautiful, roasted and rich taste, which is the gift of the Roma lover who loves Ron Zacapa.

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oak barrel

oak barrel







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