Nonino Grappa – Prosecco Barrique 70 CL 41%

Grappa di Friuli – Italy

Amber with golden shades from aging in barriques. Soft and flowered with notes of almond and green apple that softens to a light scent of vanilla and chocolate.

Nonino Grappa, which is considered well enough the world’s best Grappahus, coming from Fruilli in Northern Italy. Nonino only makes Grappa and own a total of five distilleries. The house invented the single-driving grappaen in 1984, and their Merlot was in 2010 at New York Ultimate Spirit Challenge not only named the world’s best grappa, but also the best product in the category Brandy and Eau de Vie. At the same time, Paul Pacult, US leading spirits writer, Nonino Grappa as one of the world’s three best spirits products among all categories. Googler you The Word Grappa, you will be able to read that it is a kind of brandy made on the quasum of grapes, distilled on column boilers and subsequently blended by different grape varieties. It is also true in almost every case – just not at Grappa Nonino. Grappa Nonino is the only Grappaproducent who distills only on potstills. The entire 68 of the kind – 12 potstill for each of the original family members (father, mother and three daughters) and one pot set for each of the eight grandchildren. Besides this, Nonino is the only manufacturer who distills throughout the grape, while also the house that invented the process of distilling on the individual grape. The latest generation participating actively in Nonino Grappa’s management is the three nonino sisters Antonella, Cristina and Elisabetta. As a daughters of Giannola (President of Nonino and Honorary Doctor at Udine University) and Benito (Master Blender), they have all three prominent positions in the family company Nonino. In line with virtually all the leading spirits manufacturers, they are part of an old family company (1897), whose primary desire is not to make money, but making the best possible product. Exactly like Glenflas-Whiskey, Drouin-Calvados, Chase-Vodka and Gin, Tesseron and Daniel Bouju-Cognac, as well as Laubade Armagnac, which we also have the honor and pleasure to work with. Among Nonino Grappa’s excellent products should be mentioned the house’s Moscato, Chardonnay, Merlot, the stored and unhappy Prosecco, as well as their Attica Cuvée. Attica Cuvéen is a mixture of stored Grappa, who has gained two and a half years on limusinefade and 16 years of dish storage in OlorososherryFade. Nonino even recommends their grapper to virtually everything – aperitif, food, digestif and after dinner drink. Either clean or as an ingredient in one of the many exciting drink recipes, the house has gradually developed.

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