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The LUXUS Whiskey Calendar, which you read about here, contains 24 old and rare Single Malt Whiskeys from different countries.

Angus has actually found 24 NEW whiskeys for this calendar compared to last year – yum!

The calendar itself tells the story of the three brothers Mac Calendar. One of them, Angus remained in Scotland, where he lovingly tended the family farm. It became his own Vault of Whisky. Here we get right down to his exclusive bottles, which he is happy to share with us who like a sublime glass of whiskey in the dark month of December.

Under the lid of the calendar, Angus has shown how he makes his whisky. In the online calendar you will find even more information from Angus about the production of whiskey.

At the bottom of the calendar you will find an alphabetical table of contents and the link to an online calendar where the doors are opened daily, one at a time. There you can read about and see the product in the bottle.


Angus Mac Calendar

Contents in alphabetical order:
1770 Glasgow Single Malt Tokaji Cask Finish Mac Y ReleaseTokaji Release
Armorik Whiskey Breton 15 Years Single MaltArmorik Malt
Bunnahabhain 2009 Single Malt 7 YO – The Pearls7 Pearls
Caol Ila 2007 Single MaltSingle Malt 11 years c.s. – The Pearl
Cotswolds Golden Wold Harvest Ser. No 1 Single Malt WhiskyWhisky
Cotswolds Single Malt Whiskey Peated CaskWhisky Cask
Deerstalker Croftengea Single Malt 11 YO Ex-Bourbon C.S.
Deerstalker Deanston Single MaltSingle Malt 10 YO Ex-Bourbon C.S.
Deerstalker Glen Garioch Single Malt 10 Yo 10 C.SYo S
Deerstalker Glendullan Single Malt 10 Yo C.S.
Glen Spey 1991 Single Malt 24 YO – The Pearls24 Pearls
Glenburgie 2008 Single Malt Scotch Whiskey – Berry’s OwnGlenburgie Own
Lindores Lowland Whiskey Single Malt Exclusive Sherry CaskExclusive Cask
Lindores Lowland Whiskey Single Malt Exclusive STR CaskExclusive Cask
Mossburn NO.29 MacDuff 2007 Single MaltSingle Malt 14YO
Paul John Christmas Single Malt Edition 2022Edition 2022
Paul John Classic Single Malt WSingle Whiskey c.s.
hisky Paul John Peated Single Malt WSingle Whiskey c.s.
hisky Tobermory 1994 Single Malt 20 years Oloroso Wood20 Wood
Tomatin 1998 Single MaltSingle Malt 18 years c.s. – The Pearl
Tomatin 2008 Recharred American Oak Single MaltSingle Malt Whisky
Tomatin 2008 Single Highland Malt WhiskyTomatin Whisky
Tomatin 2009 Single Highland Malt WhiskyTomatin Whisky
Westport 18 yo. 2004 -22 Sherry WoodWestport Wood

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