CUBA Orange 70 CL 30%

Danish Flavored Vodka

Mature, juicy, cute oranges – it is the taste of Cuba Orange. Cuba Orange has a clear blue color that makes it easy to make great, colorful drinks that can impress. It is produced in the finest vodka that is distilled 3 times and aligned with a lovely taste of juicy, cute oranges.

Do you lack inspiration for your party? For example, try the popular polar bear with Cuba Orange and Sprite. Cuba Orange also tastes lovely in coffee topped with whipped cream and chocolate dress. Limited only by imagination.


Deep Blue Sea.
– 2 Cl. Cuba Blueberry
– 2 Cl. Cuba orange
– Pineapple Juice
– Ice cubes
– an orange disc
– blueberries

Course of action:
Pour Cuba Blueberry, Cuba Orange and pineapple juice in a shaker and shake well. Pour the drink over ice cubes, decorations with an orange disc and blueberries and serve. Dream you to a swim in “The Deep Blue Sea”.

Cuba is Denmark’s largest vod basin with taste. The first Cuba Vodka in the market was Cuba Caramel, which was launched in 1998. Since then, many delicious, tasteful and colorful family members have come in the series – and we love each and every one.

Impress your friends and family with colorful, delicious drinks and cocktails. With Cuba it is only the imagination that sets limits!

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