Bacardi Carta Blanca 5 CL Pet 37,5%

Superior White Rum

Bacardi Carta Blanca Rome is the original, very classic white Rome used for a sea of ​​drinks. It is glass chief, soft and quality constant.

Eventually enjoy it in a Derby Daquiri:

4 cl light rom
Possibly. 1 cl Triple SEC
5 cl orange juice
1 cl glue juice
5 ice cubes
All ingredients are blended together in a blender and served in a cocktail glass.

In February 1862, the Bacardí family, led by Don Facardo Bacardi Masso, a distillery in Santiago de Cuba. Here they made their own, unique blends and developed a revolutionary ROM manufacturing method, which forever changed the way Rome was made.

The bat is considered, in Cuba, to be a symbol of luck and one still believes in the little happiness figure on each of the bottles, helps the distillery’s success and LigDan helps them through hard times.

In the 1960s, the revolution to Cuba and Bacardí’s assets came seized. The family went to the United States, where the brand resurrected and that day today thrives.

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