Ron Brugal 1888 Gran Reserva

Doblemente Añejado Aged Rum

Usage 1888 has depth and complexity, but is still perfectly balanced and soft. It is distilled through a double pipe system, which helps that the ROM achieve a purity of 95% prior to storage. It provides optimal storage conditions and means that the finished product is more smooth and pure than competitors.

In addition, 1888 double stored – first on Ex-Bourbon Fade of American White Jegs for eight years, then First Fill Ex-Sherry Fade of European Oak for up to six years. The double storage gives 1888 a soft and well-balanced profile with a number of complex taste notes.

The room has a deep, clear amber color with red undertones. In the nose you feel a sophisticated sweetness of red and dried fruits (raisins and daddler) that compliment spicy training with hints of cinnamon. The taste is well-balanced and soft with body and character. A sweetness of caramel and vanilla balanced with peach, cocoa and carnation characterize the taste. The aftermake is remarkably long and elegant with a touch of honey.

Enjoyed clean with or without ice cube, but can also be used as mixer in cocktails.

70 cl. / 40%
Brugal & Co. Founded by Don Andrés Brugal Montaner in 1888, and in 1920 the first stored Rome was created in the Dominican Republic. Since then, several rom variants have been developed and refined. Over the years, Brugal’s export business is also developed.


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oak barrel




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