Iradier Bulfy IPA Gin

Hop Infused Gin

Iradis Y Bulfy IPA Gin is a Spanish Gin produced completely from the ground, where it starts with the same ingress such as beer – water, barley and yeast.

It is painted, must and fermented by local barley in a beer-like process to get their own special starting point, which is distilled in a 300 liter Arnold Holstein copper pot still.

IPA Gin consists of singular’s unique spirit base, extremely soft, tasteful, and with the warm touch of malted barley.

In the sprit base, all botanicals from Iradiers Y bulfy dry gin (Basque juniper, cocoa, guinea pepper, cardamom, bitter orange, etc.), which gives the ginner a very personal and unique character. When it has drawn adequately, it is distilled again.

Now two variants of hops, cascade and amarillo are added, typical of IPA beer and full of aromas. It makes Iradis y bulphy for a unique iPA gin with a really special taste – very different from classic gins.

Scent and taste

The hop blossoms are prominent and accompanied by clear notes of juniper, spices and citrus


It all ends in a very refreshing and a little dry experience, which stands out especially in the normal Gin & Tonic

The Perfect Serve.

Ice cubes in a glass
1 part Iradis y Boldfy IPA gin
2 parts Franklin & Sons Mallorcan Tonic
Decorate with a glue disc


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