Hampden Estate The Younger LROK

Jamaica Premium Aged Rum

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Hampden Estate The Younger Lrok is a 5 year old Rome from Jamaica. As the name suggests, the room is young – only 5 years – but the storage has taken place in the tropics, so it feels impressive mature already. It is a so-called LRK, which stands for Light Space Owen Kelly, and denotes an ester content between 200 and 400 grams per hectoliters pure alcohol. In this case, the Romen is 314.8, and it is tapped at 47%.

Color: Golden.
Fragrance: Delikat scent of mango, banana, pepper and varnish.
Taste noises: pineapple, orange peel and nellike.

Serving suggestions: should be enjoyed clean, possibly. with a drop of water or two.

The Hampden Estate is one of Jamaica’s most iconic distilleries. It is located in Trelawny Parish and has made Rome since the 18th century. And in fact, there is not much that has changed since then, because at Hampden, you still do things on the old-fashioned shape. The distillery has five pillars, which ensure the quality and soul of the ROM.

The Five Pillars of Hampden:

Spring Water: The Hampden Estate uses only water from a natural source of all parts of production.
Wild Fermentation: The ROM is grown in particularly long, and only with naturally occurring yeast.
Only pot still: The distillation takes place on pot stills. The Hampden Estate has 4, of which the oldest is from 1960.
Tropical Aging: All the storage takes place in tropical climate. According to Hampden Estate, 7 years in Jamaica correspond to 25 years in Europe.
SUGAR FREE: All Hampdens Rome is drained without added sugar and with natural color.
These are these 5 items that give the powerful, fruity and “funky” Rome that Hampden Estate is famous for – and as right now is some of the most sought after among Roma’s.


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