Writers Tears – Cask Strength 2022 70 CL 54,6%

Limited Irish Whiskey

An extremely exclusive and delicious cask strength blend of Single Pot Still and Single Malt Irish Whiskey, which also looks incredibly good on the shelf. Writers’ Tears Cask Strength 2022 is the absolute gold standard in Irish whiskey!


Notes of ginger and pepper, as well as delicious toffee.


A hint of toasted oak, marshmallows and dark chocolate together with sweet vanilla.


Absolutely extraordinary! Filled with character and flavor!

About the Product
This year’s release of Writers’ Tears cask strength has landed.

An exceptional coupling of old Single Malt and old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, with a mixture ratio of just over 30% Single Malt and 70% Single Pot Still (the reverse of “The Irishman – The Harvest”). A veritable explosion of flavor and character. Only the finest distillers of Single Pot Still and Single Malt are used in this vintage, which have been aged in carefully selected American oak casks. This exclusive, flavorful and full-bodied bottling is only released in a very limited number of individually numbered bottles.

The 2022 edition is bottled at 54.6% ABV in a number of 7920 bottles, of which just 60 have landed in Denmark.

Tasting notes
On the nose, you can clearly feel the single pot still influence in the form of a very special, peppery spice scent. This is joined by notes of ginger and a rich aroma of caramel.

In the taste, you can clearly feel the roasted oak, as well as notes of marshmallows, sweet vanilla and dark chocolate. This turns into a completely exceptional and exuberant aftertaste.

About Walsh Whiskey
Walsh Whiskey is a family business dedicated to the restoration of Irish Whiskey.

Irish Whiskey (which is spelled with an ‘e’) has had a rough couple of centuries – once the green island was the biggest whiskey producer in the world, and the Irish still maintain that it was they – and not the Scots – who invented the golden drink. But due to a prolonged series of problems – such as famine, Prohibition and an unwillingness to adapt to a changing market – the Irish Whiskey industry underwent a gradual but fatal collapse, with the result that by 1970 there were only two active distilleries left on the entire island!

Fortunately, the wind has (at long last) begun to turn for Irish Whiskey, and many new distilleries are springing up all over the island these days. Walsh Whiskey, founded in 1999 by husband and wife Bernard and Rosemary Walsh, has set out to be the standard bearers of this Irish whiskey renaissance. They do this, among other things, with their two product lines of Irish Whiskey – Writer’s Tears and The Irishman.

“Our philosophy is rooted in the family motto, which reads: ‘Never Say Die’ – if it doesn’t work the first time, we keep going until it does.”

About Writers’ Tears
Writers’ Tears is inspired by the historical bond between Irish artists and whiskey during the Irish Golden Age in the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century.

Back then, Ireland was the biggest and best – both when it came to whiskey and when it came to literature, poetry and drama. Great artists and literary giants such as George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, W.B. Yeats, Lady Gregory, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and Bram Stoker were well known in the local pubs, where they no doubt drew plenty of inspiration from the golden drops of whiskey they found there. It is said that they enjoyed the whiskey to such an extent that even their tears were of whiskey – hence the name for this brand.

Walsh Whiskeys Writers’ Tears is a critically acclaimed and award-winning version of the traditional 19th century Irish whiskey. A unique expression with a rich history.

Definitely recommended to any artist out there who craves creative inspiration!

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