Velier Foursquare Absolutio 70 cl. 62%

Single Blended Rum – Barbados

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The collaboration between Luca Gargano and Foursquare Distillery has spawned some of the rum world’s most sought-after bottles, and now the 9th bottling in the series is released: Absolutio. The rum is a mixture of two components, both 15 years old. The first part is aged for 15 years in bourbon casks, while the second part is aged for 10 years in bourbon casks and 5 years in port casks. It is of course tropical ageing, and the rum is bottled at barrel proof 62% alcohol. There are 4,800 bottles worldwide and of course far too few for Denmark.

Colour: Amber.
Aroma: Lively and complex nose, with notes of tropical fruit (mango, banana), roasted nuts and coconut.
Tasting notes: Rich and full-bodied. Cedarwood, apricot, dark chocolate, cocoa and ginger. Long aftertaste.

Serving suggestion: Should be enjoyed neat and share it now with your friends.

The sound of the name “Velier” evokes a very special feeling among rum geeks. Time and time again, the mastermind behind the company, Luca Gargano, manages to shock and delight the rum world with releases that set new standards for quality, transparency and geekiness.

Velier’s reputation for exceptional quality was already cemented in the ’00s with a string of uncompromising Demerara rums. Today, these bottles are the pinnacle of carbon rum and change hands for astronomical sums at spirit auctions worldwide. Later, the company became known for tropical aged Caroni, a distinctive rum from a now-closed distillery in Trinidad, with notes of smoke, tar and bacon. An “acquired taste”, but once you have it…

Along with Foursquare’s Richard Seale, Luca is staunchly (and loudly) opposed to additives or cheating on age designations, which is why Velier’s newest line of rums, Habitation Velier, puts transparency first. The label proudly reveals every detail about the production, from “angel’s share” to ester content.

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