Teeling Whiskey – Single Grain 13 Years Bordeaux Red Wine Cask 70 CL 50%

Non Chill Filtered Irish Whiskey

Teeling Whiskey, Ireland’s leading progressive Irish whiskey company, has released the latest in its award-winning single grain range with his new teeling 13-year-old Irish Single Grain. The 13-year release consists of triple distilled Irish whiskey, which is mainly distilled from maize, first matured for 9 years on Ex-Bourbon Tønder before it was given extra ripening for over 4 years on Ex-Bordeaux Rødvinsfade and bottled at 50% abv to catch all its natural taste.

Taste notes

Nose: Rosen water, mature cherries, cinnamon and red fruits

Taste: summer fruits, carryleness, vanilla cream, soft orchards with honey allots

Completion: Spice, dry tannins, roasted oak and lingering heat training

This release is only teeling whiskey’s second and oldest release of Single Grain. It follows from the multi-award winning core offer of Teeling Whiskey Single Grain, who was first published in 2013 and on several occasions has been honored as the world’s best Irish single grain. This new, older expression of Teeling Single Grain also differs through its maturation with two dishes. The initial ripening of dish in Bourbon produces a beautiful base of sweet vanilla and caramel with the butter oak, which is then complimented by the extra storage in Bordeaux Rødvinsfade, located on a beautiful bouquet of red berry and soft orchards with honey allotes. This new release adds another leash to the front end of an exciting new subcategory of Irish and global whiskey, where whiskey drinkers become more knowledgeable and interested in what Single Grain can offer.

Jack Teeling, Founder of Teeling Whiskey Company, commented: “It is a little known case that the majority of Irish whiskey sold is actually grain whiskey, as it makes up the majority of the composition in large multinational-owned brands of Irish whiskey . As such, since our formation, we have been eager to ensure that we offered unique and interesting expressions of Teeling Single Grain Whiskey. Our new 13-year publication is a further representation of our mission to help operate the continued expansion of The Irish whiskey category through unique bottling and expression. “

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