Mosgaard Whisky – French Oak (ECO) 50 CL 60,7%

Single Malt Whisky – Handcrafted In Denmark

Organic Single Malt Whiskey 50 Cl / 60.7% ABV

Mosgaard French Oak Single Cask is the third Mosgaard Wingle Cask Release, and at the same time very special …

At our virtual whiskey making to the Cask Experiment series there was one of the 7 dishes we had chosen as impressed the whole panel, and several would just like to have used it alone and bottled it direct – a 50 liter dish of new French oak.

Our fade in French oak usually use as presumption to other releases, they provide exciting spicy notes, but usually so many tannins that they cannot be used for a complete storage. The dish that was selected for the Cask Experiment series was an exception – it still had a crazy exciting taste, but limited amounts of tannins so therefore it was allowed to lie longer.

For the same reason, we have left the neighboring food, they come from the same batch – are made right after each other and have been on the shelf next to each other. It is not a guarantee of the same taste, but here we have been lucky and it has become another exciting experience that we have decided to stand for themselves.

Taste notes: coconut, caramel, vanilla, tobacco, licorice, cinnamon – and wet gunpowder I think we agreed in the taste panel …

Bottle at the dish strength that highlights the depth in the taste – 88 bottles that are all numbered.

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