Loch Lomond 12 Years Giftpack 70 CL + 2×5 CL 46%

Scotch Single Malt Whisky

The Loch Lomond distiller (named after the lake of the same name) makes a wide variety of styles. It is quite unique, but it can also be difficult to find around! Each style is named after an island in the lake: Inchurrin, Inchmoan and so on. Here you get the opportunity to take a boat trip around Loch Lomond’s portfolio so you can find your favorite!

The various styles are created by using different kinds of malt and various distillers. The house style is just called Loch Lomond, and it is a creamy, fruity and middle single malt, here stored 12 years of 3 different kinds of fade: Bourbon, refill, and recharred.

The package contains a bottle (70 Cl) of the flagship Loch Lomond 12 Year Old Single malt, and two miniflasks (5 Cl) of inchmurrin; An easy, floral and “grass” style, and inchmoan, who is smoked and spicy. All 3 are tapped at 46% alcohol.

The taste notes below are for Loch Lomond 12 Years Old.

Color: Golden.
Fragrance: Se is a nice “nose”! True Highlandswhisky with pear fruit, honey, malt and the least touch of smoke.
Taste notes: Intermediate, fruity and with a fine sweetness. Brown farin, plum and apple. In the aftertaste, the smoke also feels, but only quite easy.

Serving suggestions: should be enjoyed clean, possibly. with a single drop of water or two.

Loch Lomond is not like the other distilleries in Scotland. On the 8 distillers, they can create a wealth of different styles where experimentation is experimented not only with the malt and storage, but also the distillation! Whiskey produced at Loch Lomond has therefore been released under a variety of names, such as Inchfad, Inchmoan, Inchmurrin, Glen Douglas, Croftengea and Old Rhosdu – depending on style and smoke level. With the right unique Lomond Stills, Loch Lomond is also one of the few distilleries in Scotland, which makes both single malt and Grain Whiskey (and with the opportunity to make single blended). Another is Girvan who is known for Grain Whiskey but also makes single malt under the name Ailsa Bay. Previously, Lochside and Ben Nevis have been able to do so. Loch Lomond also has its own boiler on-site, giving them full control over the entire process from distillation to storage. The distillery is named after the local lake, which also provides the water for production.

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