Kavalan ex-Bourbon Oak 70 CL 46%

Single Malt Whisky – Taiwan

Kavalan Bourbon Oak Matured is a single malt whiskey from Taiwain. As the name suggests, it is stored on fade of American whitewood, which has previously contained Bourbon. As contrast to the many heavy-shaky whiskeys from Kavalan, you get a fine insight into a more “natural” style where the distillate plays the main role. Tapped at 46% alcohol.
Color: Golden.
Fragrance: Freshly baked waffles, vanilla, toasted coconut and tropical fruit.
Taste notes: rich and sweet. Fruity notes dance closely with nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla.

Serving suggestions: should be enjoyed clean, possibly. with a drop of water.

Kavalan overturned into the whiskey scene with his first whiskey in 2008. In no time, the distiller in Taiwan has become world famous. The tropical climate with the towering temperatures in the storage buildings (easy 42 degrees!) Means that the whiskey quickly ripens and gets taste, depth and complexity as was the much older. “The share of angels” – the amount of whiskey, which evaporates a year – is almost never under 10-12% (versus about 3% in Scotland) and can in some years reach 15%!

When Taiwan is a country complete without whiskey tradition, Kavalan can look free to weave a nostalgic narrative about old craftsmanship and tradition. On the contrary, the refreshing proud of being a state of modern, industrial distillery. In fact, after an enlargement in 2016, it is one of the world’s 10 largest whiskey distilleries! And the whiskey is sovereign. In particular, Kavalan is known for its sherry bombs, heavy and rich whiskey with oceans of taste, power and depth.

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