Mac Y’s Julekalender Fransk 2023 24×2 CL 38,40%

Premium Cognac/Calavdos/Armagnac Calender

Mac Y Calendar 2023 – The French!
The French calendar that you are reading about here contains 14 Cognacs, 5 Armagnacs, 3 Calvados and 2 Pinot de Charentes – only one country – France!
The calendars themselves tell the story of the three brothers Mac Calendar. One of them, René moved to the Champagne district, specifically Cognac, where he became a very successful winegrower and expert breeder of the local Cognac. His empire grew larger than Cognac and today he also owns a château in Armagnac. Now he opens his castle cellars to us, and it will be quite exciting to present, for the first time, a French calendar with Cogna, Armagnac, Calvados and Pinot de Charentes – it will be fantastic to have a daily little one with the coffee in the dark month of December up towards Christmas.
Under the lid of the calendar, René shows how he produces Cognac and Armagnac. In the online calendar you will find even more information from René about the production of these French specialities.
As I said – 14 Cognac, 5 Armagnac, 3 Calvados and 2 Pinot de Charentes – from his 5 different production sites:
Deau Cognac – Drouet Cognac & Pinot – Fransac Cognac – Joÿ Bas Armagnac – Dos de Dauzangas Calvados
At the bottom of the calendar you will find an alphabetical table of contents and the link to an online calendar where the doors are opened daily, one at a time. There you can read about and see the product in the bottle.
René Mac Calendar
Calvados Organic Vieille Reserve ( BIO ) – DOZ de Dauzanges
Calvados VS – DOZ de Dauzanges DUNK
Calvados XO 6 Year – DOZ de Dauzanges DUNK
Deau Cognac Napoleon NEW cogn5087
Deau Cognac VS
Deau Cognac VSOP
Deau Cognac XO
Drouet Cuvée ULYSSE XO 20 years in Carafe
Drouet Fine Mélina 2010 DUNK
Drouet PARADIS de Famille Hors D’Age DUNK
Drouet Pineau Des Charentes Vintage Blanc
Drouet Pineau Des Charentes Vintage Rose
Drouet Réserve De Jean Cognac Grande Champagne DUNK
Drouet VS Cognac Grande Champagne DUNK
Drouet VSOP Cognac Grande Champagne DUNK
Fransac Cognac Reserve Ancestral DUNK
Fransac Cognac Vieille Reserve DUNK
Fransac Cognac VSOP Heritage
Fransac Cognac XO
Joÿ – Bas-Armagnac 1988 Vintages
Joÿ – Bas-Armagnac A Un Moment Donné 10 years
Joÿ – Bas-Armagnac Hors D’age
Joÿ – Bas-Armagnac VSOP
Joÿ – Bass Armagnac XO

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