Flowstone Marula Gin 70 CL 43%

Flowstone Distillery South Africa – Wild African Botanicals

Clear, classic bouquet of juniper and with a floral depth, which comes from the bush’s South African Marula fruit, which contributes with a citrusy, creamy and nutty flavor and contains large amounts of vitamin C. A fruit that both humans and elephants are very fond of. Flowers from the Sweet Thorn Acaia tree and Buddleja Salviifolia, also called Sage Bush or sage, are also used here.

The Marula tree grows wild in open natural forest and thickets on the South African bush and grows 10-15 meters high. The hunt tree bears slightly oblong flowers, which ripen to a beautiful golden yellow color in early February, when summer is at its highest point in South Africa.
It has an intense tropical scent from the fruits, which can be felt for miles around the landscape. The fruit is one of the elephants’ absolute staples, and as soon as they have picked up the scent in the summer breeze, they set off in large herds in search of the Marula trees. It’s a good idea, because there’s enough for all, and in a good summer the tree can bear two tons of juicy, slightly sharp-tasting fruit. And then it’s really healthy. Each Marula fruit contains four times as much vitamin C as an orange. On the other hand, the elephants also eat the fermented fruits, which means that they can be full for several days.

Flowstone Marula Gin is unmistakable in the taste and aroma of Flowstone Marula Gin. Drink it with a classic tonic or even with fresh orange juice. The South African fruit is also used for the South African coffee liqueur, Amarula.

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About Flowstone Distillery
South African Flowstone Distillery is at home in the cradle of humanity. Quite literally. Here at the tip of Africa, it is believed that the human race arose and from here spread to the rest of the world. Many, many, many years later, Flowstone Gin was born. The idea arose over a gin with wild cucumbers. The name Flowstone comes from the rock formations that help define the area, while the flavors are the wide range of local, indigenous botanicals from the bush. They are the taste of the South African wilderness.

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