CDI – Ten Cane – Trinidad 9 Years – Denmark 70 CL 56,3%

Single Cask Premium Aged Rum

Ten Cane 2012 Compagnie des Indes 9 years / Denmark

This is a rum from the Ten Cane distillery in Trinidad. A short-lived operation, the distillery was opened in 2005 by LVMH and produced rum until 2015 for its Ten Cane brand. The distillery was equipped with copper pot stills and produced rum from a wash of freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. The Ten Cane branded rum that LVMH brought to market blended these casks with aged molasses rum from Trinidad Distillers, and it is only through a handful of independent bottlings like this that the Ten Cane distillery’s single rums have been presented.

Bottled by Compagnie des Indes in 2021, exclusively for Denmark.

This time it is a rum from 2012, which was bottled in April 2021 after 9 years of aging. A total of 264 bottles have been bottled at cask strength (56.3%). The rum is not added sugar or cold-filtered.

Color: Golden.Smell: Interesting, fruity scent of citrus and tropical fruit, but not in the Jamaica way with overripe banana, more like papaya and passion fruit. There are also floral notes of orange blossom. Let the rum open up a little in the glass, and candy-like notes of yellow wine gum, rhubarb and burnt marshmallow emerge. Complex aroma, which does not reveal everything at once, but slowly unfolds and rewards the patient. Tasting notes: In the mouth, the rum is quite elegant, but not without power. Complex and with a long, dry aftertaste, and this is perhaps where you can best sense that the rum is made from fresh sugar cane juice.

Serving suggestion: Enjoy it plain.

Compagnie des Indes is a so-called “independent bottler”. The company was started by the Frenchman Florent Beuchet, and draws inspiration from the British East India Company, which in the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries imported rare and exotic goods from all over the world to Europe. In the same way, Florent finds casks from brokers and distilleries throughout the rum world – from Florida to Jamaica, Fiji and Indonesia – and bottles them under the Compagnie des Indes brand. Many are bottled as “single casks”, but CDI also publishes well-composed blends.

For the past few years, the rest of Europe has turned enviously to Denmark when Florent serves the annual batch of exclusive, Danish single cask bottlings. These are always bottled at cask strength and without added color or sugar – something that makes the teeth of rum geeks around the world water! But you will also find sweeter and easy-drinking rums in the series of trans-Caribbean blends; e.g. Latino and Caraïbes. There is something for everyone here.

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